Hello world!

Welcome! We’re excited to have you here. So what can you use posts for? Well, anything really… but the power of posts is in how they’re chronological order. This means they’re best used for things like announcements pages. Or don’t use them at all! Just know they’re here if you need them. And you can use all the same tools you use to build other components like images:

This is from the Rockstar Recruiting Course

Amazing Headings!

Or even embed videos, Google Sheets, or any of the 100+ native integrations we have access to in our blocks. Here’s a YouTube example below.

So try it out. And you’ll want to create a page to house all your posts, announcements or whatever you’re calling them. Just put what you’re naming it in the title on that page. Then go here and you can set your posts page. And voila. Go to that page and you’ll see them all there.